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We have spent over 9 years developing relationships with the best servers across the country. We expect and demand superior service from our servers both in communication and in efficiency of service. We can call NYC at 3PM and get a serve attempted before 5pm if necessary. It is only through loyal and mutually respected relationships that this can happen. These are the types of relationships we build and continually develop so that we can give our clients the ultimate service.


We understand the requirements for all California courts, both state and federal level. We can file documents for you at any Superior Court in the State of CA. Due to our relationships we can give you extra time to get these documents to us and still make the filing. Since all federal courts now mandate e-filings we can only file new actions, revised complaints and under seal documents. We know how to do this and can guide you through the process if necessary. We deliver courtesy copies to judges every single day and know the requirements of each judge so that your documents always arrive in chambers looking professional and meeting their specific orders.

We have helped numerous clients with late night superior and appellate filings. We've handled the printing, collating and velo binding by staying up throughout the night to have the documents ready for next day filing. We can electronically add date stamping to exhibits if necessary. Whatever it takes, that's what we'll do.


We have been working with class action cases for over 9 years. We know how to research complex cases to identify and copy the documents that are requested and needed by the client, even when they aren't listed on the docket. We are fully integrated so we can scan and email the documents to you, bookmarked and organized if you prefer.


We have a book we call the "Bible" in our office. It contains the procedure for issuing foreign subpoenas for hundreds of state courts across the United States. The procedures can vary drastically even within a given state so this book is priceless to us. If we don't have the procedure in our book we'll find out what it takes to get it done.


We can skip trace defendant or witness while you are on the phone. There's no need to wait a few hours for the results, let's do it now and get the serve out into the field. We've helped our clients locate corporate officers that don't want to be found, analyst that worked for companies years ago, and companies that were involved with the defendants but are no longer in business. Give us a try and see what we can find for you.